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                                                            CHRISTOPHER M. KISLING * MENTOR, FACILITATOR, COACH 

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 Stop Judging, Start Loving Yourself

I work with heart-centered seekers who feel weighed down by self-judgment and find it difficult to relax and love themselves. I help them to know that they're okay so that they can release the judgments and unlock their potential.

Do you…

  • Find it easy to be nice to others, while being really hard on yourself?

  • Expend too much energy on self-consciousness and uncertainty—locked in an obsessive inward spiral?

  • Find yourself trapped in beliefs, roles, and habits of thinking that don’t seem to fit anymore?

  • Get easily hurt and or triggered by people and events around you?

  • Find it difficult to sit comfortably in a room by yourself and feel okay? 

  • Feel that if you could just get over yourself, you could unlock amazing potential? 

I can help you to...

  • Act with the confidence that comes from facing and releasing your worst self-judgments

  • Relax into and enjoy being yourself

  • Understand the terrain of self-judgment, so that you have your very own map out, available to you anytime

  • Choose beliefs that empower and support the life you want

  • Live intentionally, from the inside out, and not according to someone else's framework for you 

  • Translate your growing inner comfort into an outward love that burns bigger and brighter for those around you

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Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.

Oliver Wendell Holmes